Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Garmin Incident

Message From Rocky: Jeff Is An Idiot

We're going to forget this as soon as I finish writing. We were loaned a Garmin GPS by Rochell Heininger. It's very cool and should be helpful.... just as soon as I learn how to use it. We tried to plot a restaurant to meet Rocky's mom at in Las Vegas. Well, let's just say I didn't do it correctly and we ended up 15 miles away from where her mother was. We did NOT get to visit her.

So much for my tech prowess! But, I did get to test out Calico panoramic creation using burst mode on my camera. :) Results below.


susyV said...

Always double check your destination on those GPS things. We miss you already! The block is too quiet. Safe travels!

Carol said...

Love the first posts. Will be watching.

You're gonna love the Garmin (when you learn to use it). I will never take another trip without my GPS navigator.

Jeff Turner said...

Suz... yeah... lesson learned on that one. It was so great to see your girls out front this morning at 4am. Almost made Rocky cry!

Jeff Turner said...

Carol... thanks. This is fun to do!