Monday, July 23, 2007

Breakfast In Henryetta, Oklahoma

You would think we'd learn from mistakes. We KNEW there was nothing between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we still took off without eating breakfast at the Cracker Barrel that was right next to our hotel. We wound up pulling into Henryetta, Oklahoma. (They actually had an earthquake here a couple of months ago. As if Tornadoes weren't enough.) Luckily, Rocky talked to some locals while I filled up on diesel and they recommended the Hungry Traveler... "just up the road, go under the 40 overpass. It's the cleanest place in town. You can't miss it." It was a great breakfast.

The main drag in Henryetta, the highway 40 business loop.

Look closely, one of the ramps on the skateboard park on the left is an old satellite dish. Click on the photos to view larger.


Anonymous said...

Henryetta sounds like an adventure!! Glad you got some breakfast. Jane T.

anthonyclark said...

Visit us in Tulsa next time. I'll treat you & the fam to brunch at the Wild Fork - clean linens and no satellite dishes!

Ginger Wilcox said...

I still have memories of road tripping with my parents from Arizona to Missouri and back again. You clearly love your children more because you didn't do it in the dead of summer with 99% humidity.