Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Ferenzi's Were Great Hosts

We're not looking forward to leaving tomorrow morning.

Rocky and Julie Ferenzi have become close friends without ever having "met" each other. Julie and I have become close friends as a result of Project Blogger. And now that we've spent real time together with our children, all 10 of them, we know for sure the friendship is more than just virtual.

Julie and her husband, Tony, put up with 8 guests like it was nothing. With just our two families it was 10 kids and 4 adults. But we got a bonus today as well. Tracy Etheridge, one of the writers on Mothers Fighting For Others came over to visit as well. That brought the count for the day to 15 kids and 6 adults. That's a lot of kids!

Julie and Tony... thank you for putting up with us!

Here is Julie, Tracy and Rocky.

And here is Julie and I.


lysa said...

What a journey so far! Isn't it amazing now with the internet how we can make friends like this? I love all the happy faces! Is Julie as cute in real life as she is on the internet? :)

Jeff Turner said...

:) She is cuter!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Keep the posts and pictures coming!

Julie Ferenzi said...

We had so much fun with you guys here! We miss you all already!

You have the most wonderfully behaved, enjoyable kids I've ever encountered. You could all move in and it wouldn't have bothered us one bit! 10 kids, 4 adults... I never even noticed.

Thanks for being such great company... you are welcome here ANYTIME! :)