Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Location, Location, Location?

Welcome to West Virginia.

Here are three houses on Wickwire Road, the road that leads to Turner Road from downtown Grafton. (Click on the photos to view larger) These houses are all in the same 1/2 mile stretch. They are all on the same side of the road. I would not want to be the guy doing the appraisals in this neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

100% * I can non-ironically support the idea of building a pavillion roof above a mobile home. It looks sturdy.

If I owned this property I'd go ahead & start building walls behind & beside the trailer. Then I'd wait for a nice dry spell, pull the trailer out into the yard & build a few more walls.

Next thing you'd know, it'd be a house!


Jeff Turner said...

JT... amen brother. That's why we're proud to leave our beautiful home in California to come spend a month in something quite a bit less than beautiful. :)

Mike Whitman said...

...but I bet they have more backyard space than I do in California.


Jeff Turner said...

Mike, the third house has more front yard space as well. :)