Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nature Provided Our Only Fireworks

The areas fireworks displays were all called off this evening.

Luckily, nature provided it's own display.
A thunderstorm is an amazing thing. Our kids rarely see them. California doesn't even get much rain, let alone big thunderstorms. So, tonight's lightning display provided the only source of awe. I'm sure they would have rather seen the fireworks, but I enjoyed the downpour. :)

Sorry... couldn't capture any of the lightning.


julie said...

I think you got the rain that left the Plainfield area early this morning. The weather in WV is almost 24 hours behind us here in Illinois.

The funny thing is, our weather reaches the upper east coast about 36-48 hours later as well.

At least you got to see the lightening... I love thunderstorms!

lysa said...

Ohhh I'm sorry the show was rained out! I thought ours would be too, we got over 5 inches of rain yesterday. In the house we are in now, all I have to do is step outside to watch the pros light them off over the river. Great show! We're moving away from the river in a couple weeks, I'm going to miss that!

Jeff Turner said...

Lysa... the kids didn't display outright disappointment, but I know they were. I'm hoping he fireworks stands still have something left to sell. I like the sound of just "stepping outside" to watch the pros do it. :)

Jeff Turner said...

Julie... we must have. Early in the day there were severe thunderstorm warnings that stretched for hundreds of miles. The unpredictability of the weather here thrills me.

Weather is boring in CA. Go to the and type in Los Angeles, CA. Then look at the 10 day forecast. It will likely say sunny or mostly sunny every day, with only a slight change in temperature.

lysa said...

I hope ya'll do find some fireworks. We have a fireworks store here open year round (hint hint)!

Yeah, this is the second time I've lived somewhere where I could step outside to watch the fireworks (in two different states) It is neat.