Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Last Trip To Jerry's Restaurant And Lounge

Our last breakfast in Grafton is always at Jerry's.
There aren't a lot of restaurant choices in Grafton. But if you're looking for an amazing breakfast, there really only needs to be one if it's really good. And Jerry's is really good for breakfast.

As you can see... it can get packed.

Their portions are huge. Come hungry or don't come at all. And if you're afraid of grease, well, you better stay away as well. This is not a California breakfast place. They're not going to make you a grilled chicken breast and a side of fruit for your South Beach Diet. This is for real eaters.

Now, I wish I could be as positive about their lunch and dinner menu. I've yet to have a good experience there that didn't involve egss, bacon or sausage, or sausage gravy. For some reason, they just can't get the other meals right. They've do have good hamburgers and a great BLT, but that's because they know how to make bacon!

But if you're in Grafton, West Virginia and you need breakfast, this is the place.


Carol said...

Oh My Gosh... three zips popped out just looking at the pictures. lol

Jeff Turner said...

Now you can understand why I've gained at least 10 pounds in the last three weeks! :)

Carol said...

That and the ice cream!

Jeff Turner said...

LOL! Yes.