Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Last Trip Up The Creek

We took our "farewell" hike to Flat Rocks today.

It's our last adventure for our trip here in West Virginia. We'll be heading to my Uncle's house in Charleston tomorrow and then on to Nashville, TN for the weekend. It's always a happy/sad day. We know it's our last time to go for a year. The kids don't understand what "last time this year" means, so they view this trip more happily than I do. I do understand time. So I get a little sad.

The boys waded through every pool and had a great time. The two youngest were not always the most eager to wade into the "unknown" depths of these pools, but they eventually got into it. Here are a few more panoramas for your enjoyment. Click on the photos to view larger.
View of Flat Rocks. The big flat rock on the left is "the" flat rocks destination.

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