Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Window Rock, Arizona

I'm glad we took a break from the long drives today. Window Rock, Arizona is just a beautiful side trip. Only 24 miles off the I-40, it's more than worth the time. Next year we're going to stay in Window Rock and spend a bit more time there.

Window Rock is the administrative capital of the Navajo Nation. Rocky saw this place on Oprah and had a strong desire to see it. I thought the kids might not enjoy it, but our oldest is the one who suggested we come back and stay longer and everyone agreed. That thrilled me. Rocky bought a couple of pieces of jewelry from a local Navajo artisan and we all just had a great time eating lunch and looking around. The kids were most impressed by the horses and cows roaming around with no fences. OK, I admit it. I thought that was cool too!

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