Thursday, June 26, 2008

87 In An 80 MPH Zone

@headmutha allowed us all to meet a very friendly Texas State Trooper. ;)

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Daniel, the Real Estate Zebra said...

State Troopers are nice folks. Although, meeting them OFF duty is always preferred. With that many miles traveled on interstates, it is bound to happen at some point.

Lacy said...

I meet a realy wonderful texas trooper also.he gave me such a nice present A SPEEDING TICKET..
Don't mess with Texas..
ha ha ...

sedwards said...

Wow. I'm wondering if you got a ticket? Ouch. Gotta love the State Troopers.

87 in an 80..surely there was someone going faster. :) LOL.

Jeff Turner said...

Yes! A ticket and two warnings for other minor violations as well. :( Still... a very nice trooper.

Mike said...

What? No video? Just a (nicely shot) still photo? Disappointed.

Minor violations? You can't let that one slide either, bro. What? Is it illegal to have that much fun with a family of 8 on the road in Texas?