Monday, June 30, 2008

The Science Of Growing Alligators Part 1

Tracy LeBlanc and his son, Brody, took us out in the bayou to capture alligator eggs from their nests. The mother alligators build the nests and lay the egss, then hang around for months to defend the nests, even if the eggs are taken. In this video, Tracy explains why it's important to incubate the eggs, then release the alligators back into the wild. He does this all while making sure the mother gator doesn't cause any trouble.

Higher quality video here:


Steve said...

Wow! That is too cool. I think it is great that you are stopping at places like this and letting the kids experience all of these things. Too often we fly over the states and never see the true beauty of America!

Just remember not to interrupt him while he's talking or he'll smack you with that PVC pipe. Ouch!!


Jeff Turner said...

It was amazing. Each of the kids got to grab some eggs at the third nest we visited. Truly amazing. This is why we don't fly.

ines said...

remind me to take one of those PVC pipes to inman! ;)

Jeff Turner said...

I promise, I don't bite. :)