Saturday, June 30, 2007

The iPhone Hunt Is On

The first AT&T store I called in Des Moines was sold out of iPhones.

But I found one on the outskirts, just off of I-80 that has some in stock. We're still 60 miles away, so I'll call again when we're closer to see if it's worth getting off the freeway. :)


Carol said...

Hey Jeff: Still following your travels. I'm at a different computer this morning and didn't have my "bookmark", so I Googled "CA to WV and Back" and there you were. I love Google!

Jeff Turner said...

Carol... very cool. Glad you found us. You'll be happ to know that I did find an iPhone. I should be having a bit of fun later today after I activate it. :)

Carol said...

Jeff: Enjoy that new iPhone and let me know if it's worth all the hype.