Saturday, June 30, 2007

We Are Ready For A Break

We have arrived in Illinois. The kids have been great, but eveyone's a bit antsy from the three days in a row of constant driving. Rocky is slap happy. She does most of the driving. By the way, that is true not just of this trip, but of our entire relationship. :)

And the boys are restless. We arrive at Julie Ferenzi's house in less than two hours. Phew.

The grand and glorious Mississippi River.


ines said...

I'm still looking at the map of your journey and I CANNOT believe you skipped Florida!!! it would have only been a couple of extra days! : )

I don't drive....fall asleep within seconds - so my hat goes off to Rocky once again.

Jeff Turner said...

Ines, I mean this is the best possible way... Rocky is a freak of nature. :)

Lysa said...

I'm with Ines, with the way Rocky drives, ya'll could have been here in 1 day :).
Maybe next year?
Enjoy yourselves at Julies and give her a hug from me!

Ines said...

We all strive to be "Rockys" - freak of nature? : )