Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kids Are Having A Blast At The Ferenzi's

Boy did they need this. There are 10 kids running around like wild people. It's fun to watch.


Carol said...

We need pictures!

lysa said...

I want to see too! Just fuzzy their little faces out and put photo shop smilies on them.

Sounds like everyone is having fun! I'm so glad!

Jeff Turner said...

You guys are killing me! :)

Tracy Etheridge said...

We had a blast!!! I am so glas that we finally were able to meet!! We are so much like family that it amazes me!!! I can't wait until next year...Thanks Turners we all had a blast!!

Jeff Turner said...

Carol and Lysa... I'll post a photo with some blurred faces. :)

Tracy... it was a pleasure to finally meet you as well. Your writing on Mothers Fighting For Others is moving. Don't stop. Don't give up!