Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blackwater Falls With The Coopers

Your first visit to Blackwater Falls is never your last. I'm thrilled to say I am the reason Sarah Cooper and her family finally came to Blackwater Falls for the first time in their lives. I'm quite sure they will be back. (Click Here For Short Video)

But I'm more thrilled to finally have been able to meet her, her husband, Jay, and her two beautiful daughters. We had a blast at the falls and then eating dinner at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, West Virginia. Her husband is someone I'd like to hang out with watching football on a Sunday afternoon. And her two daughters were well mannered, polite, but each their own person and felt free to express themselves. (Tall One declared me "officially cool" for my iPhone!)

You learn a lot about someone from their children and I learned that Sarah is someone who appreciates individuality... and respects it. She and Jay have done an amazing job with their two girls. They should be proud. I know they are.

Here are some photos from the falls.

The hardest part was ducking low enough to put my head next to Sarah's. :)


Anonymous said...

That looks like a good time, sharing each others company and basking in nature's glory. these are the precious moments in life that contribute to that mental scrapbook. :) -nick

Jeff Turner said...

And a pretty darn good physical scrapbook as well. :) Thanks, "U

Sarah Cooper said...

Aww, Jeff -- that's the sweetest post ever!! Thank you, we had a great time with all of you. I'd love to make the same trip in the fall. If we do, I'll send you tons of photos!

Jeff Turner said...

You better! I'd love to see Blackwater Falls in the Fall. That would be beautiful!