Sunday, July 15, 2007

Greensky Bluegreass at The Purple Fiddle

The Purple Fiddle is a MUST VISIT place when you're in West Virginia.

It would be a cool place even by Los Angeles standards, but the fact that it's in tiny Thomas, West Virginia (Population 402) makes it even cooler, in my humble opinion. How small is Thomas? It took us just 70 seconds to drive through it yesterday... and that included a mini traffic jam. There is no stoplight. (Here's the proof.)

And here's a pano of the inside. The Purple Fiddle used to be a general store, so it has some serious country ambiance. They didn't fake it. It's real. (If you look closely you'll see Rocky, Jay and Sarah at the counter.)

Sarah and Rocky standing outside The Purple Fiddle.

Sarah and family could not stay for the 8:30 PM Greensky Bluegrass show. They had a three hour drive back to Hurricane, but my Mom and Tyke did and we got a great Show. So, Sarah, Jay, Tall One and Small One... here's some video for you. The first video is the intro and first song. The second video is a closer view right before the break.

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