Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Can't Capture Lightning

I can't even begin to capture lightning in a real photo.
Today, driving back from PA, we were treated to another display. So, I snapped a photo with the iPhone, converted it to black and white and faked the lightning... while I was on hold with AT&T. Some people doodle. I edit photos.


Bonita Springs Agent said...

Jeff & Co.,

Are all the photos from the iPhone? Travel safely!

Chris Griffith

lysa said...

I can't catch a lightning bolt either. Great edit job tho! Hope you got your phone woes worked out!

Jeff Turner said...

Chris... no. The ones that are from the iPhone are labeled as such. The rest are from the kodak v705. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff Turner said...

Lysa... all is well now.