Thursday, July 5, 2007

We Have Had Better Days

Rain played a key role in on our day again.

As you can see by the graphic on the left, we drove to Pennsylvania today. This was not a planned visit. It was forced by AT&T's screw up on the activation of my iPhone, a story I will tell some other time.

Originally, I was going to just drive the 71 miles to the closest AT&T store by myself. Since it was pouring down rain, we decided to just take the whole family up and meet Rochell Henininger for lunch. Rochell is our Relationship Manager at and she had not met the family or Rocky yet. This part of the day went as well as could be expected. The kids were great on the drive, great at the restaurant and great in the car on the way back. And it's always great to see Rochell.

But when the rain and thunder and lightning didn't stop, our California children were found in a place they are not used to... unable to go out in the sunshine and play. Combine the cabin feaver with me spending 2 more hours on the phone with AT&T, Uncle Wendel and Aunt Jane coming over for dinner, our youngest throwing up and our third youngest developing a severe ear infection, and you've got a recipe for complete chaos. (At least by our standards.)

It gave me tremendous appreciation for what my granparents did raising four boys in that tiny two bedroom house I'm honored to see from my front window. I find it ironic that I featured that house this morning.

So, here I sit, glad the day is over. I'm also glad my kids are seeing rain. I'm glad their learning (and I'm re-learning) that life sometimes messes up your plans and that real life is more like West Virginia than California. Life isn't all sunshine. You have to learn to be happy with the rain when it comes.
Despite the rain, the views on the trip up to Pennsylvania were beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to AT&T/SBC/Pac Bell to screw up the experience of a good product.


Jeff Turner said...

I'll tell you the full story when we get home. It's actually hilarious. And painful.