Friday, July 27, 2007

View From The Passenger Seat

I took a few photos of the inside of the truck in hopes to use Adobe Photoshop's PhotoMerge capabilities to show perspective. This was the best result I got. I wish I had shot a couple more across the lower portion of the dashboard, but you get the idea. :)
Click on image to view larger.


J. Keeling said...

Another Cross Country Trip

Jeff, the effect comes across just fine. You've been cranking out some interesting posts and I hope to begin updating as much as you've done. Great job!

An Interesting Aside: When I was 10, I traveled with my grandparents via RV from W.Va. to Alaska, then down the West Coast to California and back home. Looking at your trip route, I'd guess the path you're taking back to Cali is the same as the one my grandparents and I took back from Cali to West Virginia (in 1988).

Jeff Turner said...

John, you've got great subject matter to work with... West Virginia! :) If I can assist in anyway, just let me know. I love WV and want to see it rise from the ashes.

We love this trip each year. 5 of our 6 kids are under 7 or younger, so it's hard at times. But as they get older, I know they'll appreciate it and the trips will get simpler for us as well.