Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Live In A Beautiful Country

We left Flagstaff, AZ under the most amazing blue sky.

Every inch of this journey was like a living post card. Rocky did 90% of the driving, which gave me a great deal of time to simply stare out the window and soak up the view. And take photos. I snapped 3682 photos on this trip. A great, great many of the photos taken were shot from the passenger window. I loved it and I'm going to miss it.

This is the last photo taken out of the window of our truck. It's was a strom in the Mojave Desert.

Our journey is over, but I've only begun to post some of my favorite photos. Stay tuned.


Carol said...

Jeff, Your journey may be over, but you've no doubt created memories (far beyond the photos) for your family that will last forever. There's no place like home and it sounds like you have two homes... WV and CA

Jeff Turner said...

Carol... we certainly do have two homes. We're just as excited to get to WV as we are to get back. So, we're blessed. And, yes, blessed with great memories as well.